Eric Peterson Presents Slides and what have you...

Inaugural Seattle New Relic User Group Meetup


I'm delighted to help kick off New Relic's Seattle User Group meet-ups with a short talk on the integration we've built between Drupal and New Relic Insights! Register here to attend.

Close the Loop: Give Your App Insights

A quick talk touching on marketing engineering, how to solve marketing challenges like personalization, content relevancy, and engagement, and how New Relic Insights in particular provides a unique opportunity to do so in real-time.

Bay Area Drupal Camp 2014 - Approaches to Personalization


Looking forward to taking "Approaches to Personalization" on tour with my colleague Josh Lind. Attendence is free! Details here.

Approaches to Personalization

  • Sunday 11/9 at 3:30pm, Mushroom Kingdom
  • Co-presented with: Josh Lind
  • Track: Code + Develop
  • Slides available here

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2014

I'll be presenting twice at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit this year in Portland: in addition to the Pantheon Continuous Integration talk from DrupalCon Austin, I will be presenting with my colleague Josh Lind on how we conceptualize website personalization. Register here to attend.

Continuous Integration on Pantheon

A detailed, technical walk-through aimed at giving you a head start on practicing continuous integration on the Pantheon website management platform.

Approaches to Personalization

A talk to help you conceptualize, structure, and organize your website personalization strategy, including examples of where different approaches may be more appropriate.

  • Sunday 10/19 at 3:45pm, Astoria Room
  • Co-presented with: Josh Lind
  • Track: Code/Development
  • Slides available here

DrupalCon Austin - Integrated Analytics, Pantheon CI


I'll be presenting twice at DrupalCon Austin: one will focus on the fate of Drupal Core's Statistics module, the second will be a much more technical talk on practicing continuous integration on Pantheon. Register here to attend.

The Future of Drupal Statistics

A Core Conversation covering the Core Statistics module's weaknesses, the ever-expanding web analytics market, and how I believe the Statistics module should fit into the picture going forward.

  • Thursday 6/5 at 2:15pm, Room 15 (Commerce Guys | 4th Floor)
  • Track: Core Conversation
  • Slides available here

Full details available here on the official DrupalCon Austin website.

Continuous Integration on Pantheon

A detailed, technical, walkthrough BOF aimed to give you a head start on practicing continuous integration on your Pantheon site.